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mkt402 week 10 discussion 2 AND response

mkt402 week 10 discussion 2 AND response.

I don’t understand this Marketing question and need help to study.

Week 10 Discussion 2

” Legal Issues” Please respond to the following:

  • Create a scenario in which a company would face a common legal issue related to pricing. Determine possible consequences.

AND respond to this post:


RE: Week 10 Discussion 2

Hello Class and Professor,

In states that price gouging is illegal, many companies can face the consequences if they choose to partake in the increases. Price gouging is always a problem during a crisis. When there have been hurricanes, many gas stations raise the prices of fuel. Now during the pandemic, many companies are charging excessive prices on high demand items. On Amazon, companies that price gouged were banned from their site. Amazon has banned over 4, 000 businesses. They took it a step further and are not asking Congress to pass a national law against price gouging so that there is consistency in the law.

mkt402 week 10 discussion 2 AND response