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MLA format , Mission Statement for an imaginative company.

MLA format , Mission Statement for an imaginative company..

I need an explanation for this Business question to help me study.

Browse online mission statements: Coca Cola, Hilton International, Ritz Carlton, Publix, Raymond James and others.…

The above link is a good source.

This is a good lesson for writing a mission statement:…

Scroll down the page to the video at the bottom of the page.

Most of the assignments for this course center around a business or several businesses (These may be either real or fictitious) You must have an open mind about this, as all of the assignments could be actual assignments given to a person such as you to create. You have to be informed and flexible to meet the needs of your company and tasks assigned to you by your supervisor. As this is your own business, you’ll have to do the work yourself. Your name is not Bill Gates (yet!).

Assignment 1 part 1

The first task you are undertaking is the formation of a business where you will hope to work and where you have hopes of establishing a career. You should go online and investigate several businesses that might be similar to the one where you want to be working. There will be employees working there who perform various functions in the organization.

Assignment 1 part 2

Write up a brief description of your fictitious business. I know you will want to add content as you learn more through the semester, so the grade for this assignment will be somewhat fluid. I will first grade you for completion, knowing that you will add to it as the semester progresses, and then I will evaluate revisions.

Assignment 1 part 3

Your next job is to write job descriptions for at least four different types of employee units from different job categories such as custodial, clerical, sales, director/management, information (PR), etc. This is neither exhaustive nor conclusive. Again, you might look at some companies on line (check Human Resources HR) to see if they publish job descriptions. From experience, I know that some school boards do. If you use sources for guidance, please document those sources (MLA). Job descriptions contain a lot of requirements and skills that the respective employee must be able to complete. Please consider and articulate these for each position you list. In addition, please consider the educational experiences you would want your employee(s) to have. Also consider special skills and abilities.

Assignment 1 part 4

A mission statement is an integral part of many successful businesses. It summarizes why they are in business, their purpose, and their function and states exactly what they are all about. Create a draft describing your company and post it in your portfolio.

MLA format , Mission Statement for an imaginative company.