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Module 2 Discussion : Reflective Seminar

Module 2 Discussion : Reflective Seminar.

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The final stage of self-reflection gives you a deeper understanding of the theories, models, frameworks and assumed knowledge of a field. Some refer to these various frameworks as “schools of thought.” For instance, management styles have varied over the years. Perhaps, you have noticed different approaches you or your supervisors have taken in handling staff or directing their activities.

In order to evaluate yourself as a learner, it is important to have these “schools of thought” in mind, seeing how they differ and being able to choose between them.

Think of your past learning. What are the “schools of thought” you would discuss and move between as a self-actualized, self-transforming learner?

NOTE: You must make your initial post before you can view/read and reply to other threads. You will also need to post a response to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

Also, make sure that your response(s) are substantial and consist of at least 100 words.


Module 2 Discussion : Reflective Seminar