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Mood Board

Mood Board.

I’m working on a Pinterest exercise and need support.

For this week’s assignment, I want you to get your creative juices flowing. I want you to create a Pinterest board (don’t have Pinterest? Sign up for an account!) and pin at least 30 items…. but not just any items.

The things you add to your Pinterest board MUST follow a color story and/or similar color palette. Choose lifestyle images, inspiration images, product images, quotes, style of fonts, models, etc. but they must all be curated to reflect the aesthetic of what you want your website design to look like. Please make it a mix of these different items (I don’t want to see the same variation of the same image) so I can get an idea of what the styling of your website will be.

This exercise is not meant to be easy. I want you to thoughtfully choose imagery that you want to use as part of your website design. I want you to get inspired and have a strong direction of the next few assignments to come.

How to Submit:

Provide a direct URL link to your Pinterest page. Make sure it is public so I don’t have issues viewing. You will be graded on overall curation and variety of imagery.

Mood Board