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NACLA Report on the americas review topic: The inversion of human rights in Brazil

NACLA Report on the americas review topic: The inversion of human rights in Brazil.

I need help with a History question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

NACLA REPORT TOPIIC; The inversion of human rights in brazil … the link is below where u can take the sources from January 20, 2020

This review is to be at least 3-4 pages corresponds to entire continent of South America.

Please use both a title page and a works cited page (neither of these pages count toward your 3-4 pages of text). In your works cited page, compose your article entry in a format like this:

Gabriel Hetland and George Ciccariello-Maher, “The State of the Left in Latin America: A Disillusioned Revolution in Venezuela,” NACLA Report on the Americas website (July 21, 2017).

In terms of the content of each report, I am looking for two main points of discussion. First, you should devote the first half of the report to a summary of the main points in the article that you selected. To help you to address this issue, consider some of these questions: What is the main issue being discussed? (i.e. immigration, elections, education, environment, women’s issues, crime, etc.) Who are the main personalities mentioned in the article? (i.e. Enrique Peña Nieto, Nicolás Maduro, Mauricio Macri, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Andres Manuel López Obrador, Jair Bolsonaro, President Trump, Secretary of State Pompeo, etc.) How does the issue affect the people of the country mentioned in the article? Does the issue have any connection with United States interests? In other words, please try to be as objective as possible during this portion of the assignment.

And for the second point of discussion, please analyze the article that you selected and present your point of view on the story. For example, how do you feel about the story? How did this article contribute to your understanding about modern Latin America or the Americas in general? And what do you think about the author’s perspective on the article?


No copy paste from internet and sources should be from the link I mentioned above. Please make each paragraph less than a page but more than a half page and write a complete strong introduction and conclusion please as most of my grade are based on this.

NACLA Report on the americas review topic: The inversion of human rights in Brazil