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Need Help with one discussion question 200 words

Need Help with one discussion question 200 words.

I’m studying and need help with a Business question to help me learn.

Module 6 Discussion:

Which societal norms tend to encourage entrepreneurship, and which tend to discourage it?

200 Words

Quality of Posts

  1. Connections between lecture content, textbook content, and discussion should be exhibited.
  2. Relate new information with material previously covered in the class as well as with personal experience.
  3. Discuss at a critical level – don’t just recite facts from your reading, discussion, or lecture.
  4. Critical discussion includes your opinion of items mentioned, but also includes the reasons you hold that opinion, and why it may be inconsistent or consistent with what you’ve learned. Justify your reasoning with facts. How does what you’re presenting affect present and future situations?

Replies to peers:

I will give a screenshot of work that was posted and just 100 words must demonstrate your understanding of the topic.

Works cited on Discussion 6.

Need Help with one discussion question 200 words