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NEW Privacy and Cybersecurity

NEW Privacy and Cybersecurity.

I need support with this Political Science question so I can learn better.

350-word response in which you address the following questions:

  • What responsibilities do public administrators have in protecting individual data and network security?
  • Why is protecting cloud-based records becoming a more specialized function in all organizations?
  • What is ransomware and why is it important for governments to protect against it?
  • Why are the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors so vulnerable to attack?
  • What are the consequences of multiple cyber attacks in recent years?
  • When do privacy concerns of individuals outweigh the efficiency gains from open access and management of information?
  • Why are ethical guidelines more challenging when applied to artificial intelligence, privacy, and networked governance?

Digital Governance: New Technologies for Improving Public Service and Participation

  • NEWChapter 4, “Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Protecting Public Records” –to be provided.

Milakovich, M. E. (2012).

NEW Privacy and Cybersecurity