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nuclear safeguard

nuclear safeguard.

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EMCH 550

Introduction to Nuclear Safeguards

Summer 2020

Assignment 1 – Self-Assessment

May 27, 2020

Instructions: read and follow all instructions or your assignment may not be graded:

 Put your name and page number on each and every sheet

 Use at least 1-inch margins all around.

 Type your paper double spaced using 12 pt font, Times Roman.

 Acceptable format is MSWord for short narrative, PDF for the scanned marked up of the assignment and


Reminder: You are bound by the university’s honor code and may not receive

assistance in completing this assignment. It is your individual work.

1. Score your response submitted for Assignment 1 according to the Self-Assessment Key provided

here (next page).

a. With a red ink pen line through items in the key that are missing, incomplete, or

incorrectly stated.

b. Underline with a red ink pen in your printed submission for Assignment 1 those key areas

that respond to the items in the assignment key.

c. Circle in your reference list the two additional sources you found beyond what was

provided with the course (i.e. literature sources found from library).

d. Write your name on the Self-Assessment Key that you mark up.

2. Total the points for the assignment and write it on the Self-Assessment Key at the bottom and


3. Prepare a short narrative (less than a page, double spaced) summarizing your assessment of your

submitted Assignment 1. Describe the strengths and weaknesses. Describe your preparation for

the assignment and how you plan to improve your approach to future assignments and grow

through this process.

4. Email the narrative (MSWord file) and scanned marked up assignment with the marked-up

assignment key/scoring (one PDF file) as instructed above. The marked-up assignment key is

page 1 of the PDF file.

5. Recall that the Self-Assessment is 25% of the grade for this assignment.

6. I will review your scoring of the assignment to be sure that it is accurate and complete and make

adjustments as needed. These adjustments will factor into the scoring of the Self-Assessment (i.e.

a correctly scored assignment and one that properly recognizes the strengths and weaknesses will

receive full credit for the Self-Assessment).

nuclear safeguard