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one page paper

one page paper.

I’m stuck on a English question and need an explanation.

1 page reflection with 2 questions to answer. Fit both answers onto 1 page. Available to submit on blackboard at 2 p.m today

1. Look once again at the picture we interpreted at the beginning of the course, Rene Magritte’s “The Lovers.” It is a picture of two masked lovers, kissing. Previously we analyzed it as the painter’s reinterpretation of the ordinary understanding of love. How can it be interpreted again, under the circumstances of our current pandemic? What is the painting saying about love–or relationships in general–in the time of the coronavirus?

You can answer how you like. Try to be creative, or humorous, or philosophical, or straightforwardly analytical about the situation depicted and discuss how present circumstances might have changed the way you see the painting today.…

2. How did the course help you with improving your writing, especially with regard to improving your writing argumentative or analytical essays? And which essay did you like the best, the one on the cell phone and technology; the one on Thoreau’s relevance today; or the one on pandemics? And why?

one page paper