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Organic Chemistry 1

Organic Chemistry 1.

I don’t understand this Chemistry question and need help to study.

1. What is the Le Chatelier principle? Define the terms limiting reagent and excess reagent. Describe the application of Le Chatelier priniciple in organic synthesis

2. Compound AB2 is synthesized as shown in the following chemical eqn:

A + 2B AB2

The molecular weight of A is 98 g/mol and that of B is 124 g/mol. A student reacts 2.5 g of A with 4g of B in water (100 ml). Identify the limiting and excess reagent in this synthesis. Show all your work to substantiate your answer. Calculate the theoretical yield for this synthesis. At the end of the synthesis, the student obtained 3g of product. What is the % yield?

Organic Chemistry 1