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Peer review to 2 discussion

Peer review to 2 discussion.

I’m studying and need help with a Management question to help me learn.

Review and write around 120 words to each discussion

Discussion 1

Consultation is a process in which firms conduct both formal and informal conversations with the firm and its stakeholders or any other external party primarily for purposes of seeking advice on how to improve the output of a firm (Flemons & Cole,1992). Organizations usually invite people who they deem fit to have expertise in a particular discipline. In businesses, the consultation can spot opportunities, aid in decision making, and make sure that the prevailing ideas are working as expected.

A consultant is essential to a business in that he can help in identifying strategies for growth. Since consultants are not attached to one firm, they enjoy an avalanche of experience from different firms and industries that they visit. It enables them to provide unique solutions to a firm and provoke the managers and junior employees to think broadly. Sometimes they offer an objective viewpoint, which gives room for more ideas to bubble. The strategic plans that consultants devise in most instances are necessary for transforming an organization (Robinson,1982).

A consultant is essential in changing how an organization is marketing itself. Such services will help the managers to understand how they will be able to make their marketing plan. Also, through consultation, a business will be able to identify its brand and know how to position itself in the market to solve the needs of the consumers. In branding, a consultant usually helps a firm in rebranding development and brand management. Through the knowledge provided, the consultants can do their marketing with a lot of cost-efficiency.

The shaping of the leadership of an organization is through consultation from leadership gurus. Such a move is impetus because it helps an organization in improving its sales hence an increase in profit (Wotten & Kaslow, 2020).

Everything in organizations rises and falls on leadership, if an organization has excellent leadership, the more the likelihood of its success but if it has poor leadership, the more the possibility of its fall (Ward, 2016).

In December 2013, the organization I was working invited an external training consultant and arranged a workshop on leadership for all the Managers. The engagement was quite useful because the consultant was in a position to engage all the attendees in a variety of ways. They include; asking questions, giving opportunities to all Managers if in case of an issue. While he was presenting, he ensured that his audience understood the concepts covered in his presentation.

I have an interest in becoming an IT consultant in the future. Being a consultant is the noblest role one can play because an individual is in a position to be approached by many organizations to address critical issues that are hampering the growth and resolvings the issues of those particular organizations. A consultant can play the role of enhancing the leadership of an organization, devising on the strategies for growth and reduction on the cost of operation. Furthermore, a consultant is involved when an organization is launching a new product and instances of recruitment.

Discussion 2

1. How can a business or organization benefit from using a consultant?

  • Hiring consultant services to the business is beneficial because if their expert services. The business consultant focuses on the current operations of the business and ways to improve them. Experiences of working under many companies hand out skillful insights on managing business hence are likely to succeed after consulting (Chelliah & Davis, 2010).
  • They are objective, meaning they will not be prejudiced or get caught in personal aspects of handing out a solution to your business challenges (Chelliah & Davis, 2010). They have been watching much business, thus can quickly analyze the basic and in-depth facts and offer solutions with no sidetracks. Similar situations from different companies help the consultants conclude from such experiences aimed at benefiting your Organization.
  • The business consultants have the needed resources. They focus on improving company operations to help run effectively and much more efficiently(Chelliah & Davis, 2010). Having rendered services to many businesses, the consultants have at their disposal a plethora of processes and tools evaluated for operations of your business.
  • Consultants for your organization or business are essential because they save money and time. Of course, hiring a consultant is likely to save time by handling some of the functions run by the management. Hiring an experienced and dedicated consultant for your organization might be an excellent investment (upfront), which one saves money in the long run by not handing out this task to an amateur but to an already existing consultant in case of challenges (Chelliah & Davis, 2010).

2. Have you or your organization used consultants in the past? If so, give a brief description of how the consultant interacted within your organization. If not, why do you feel they have not used a consultant service in the past?

My organization has used a consultant in the past. The consultant was for our small business, whereby he was working with us on the planning, strategy, and solving issues. He also helps clients develop business knowledge and skills. These topics range from designing a model for business or crafting a marketing plan for determining the best technique to market our goods. He used to brainstorm every Monday and Friday. This was obvious after consulting with the business owner twice a month. The consultant had already been paid before handing out any coaching program to us.

3. Do you have an interest in becoming a consultant in the future? Why or why not?

I would love to be an established consultant in the business sector though this should come after I attain recognition in the business world. Being a consultant in a particular niche is good because you will be a freelancer in handing out your services, plus there is so much money to be made in this self-employment. This is a good career, and you are the one to dictate the retirement age. Also, this career does not hinder you from carrying other tasks like managing some other business and even getting employment to increase revenue. My quest for ethics is also likely to shine by practicing consultants, whereby I hand out honest opinions to a business person. In this day and age, people engage in unethical practices like corruption, all hailing from lack of ethical teachings frequently to remind them of good practices in and outside the business. The decadence in societal morals is one significant aspect steering me into a consultant career.

120 words to each discussion

Peer review to 2 discussion