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Personal Heritage assessment

Personal Heritage assessment.

Need help with my Nursing question – I’m studying for my class.


In order to understand how to care for other people from a cultural perspective we first need to know and understand the components of our own culture. This assessment is designed to enable you to reflect on your own culture and be aware of what you may look for in other cultures.


Please complete a personal heritage assessment using the following headings and submit during week allocated by Sunday at 11:59 PM. Please submit a word document file with a total of 750 words under the 5 headings below.

In an essay form, please consider the guiding questions in each one of the topics below to formulate your responses. Although you do not have to provide a response to every question, I highly encourage you to reflect upon these questions to demonstrate your in-depth understanding of these topics.

  1. Health care beliefs and practices (40%)

As a nurse, you need to understand what health and culture means to you:

  • What is your culture, what group do you consider that you belong to?
  • How you would know when you are healthy?
  • How do people in your culture maintain their health?
  • What role does food play in your culture?
  • Describe the types and kinds of food you eat, how food is prepared, when your mealtimes are and with whom you share your meals?
  • Can you detail the activities or sports that are performed by you or your family to keep healthy?
  • Think about your beliefs and rituals regarding special life events such as birth, marriage, and death.
  • Describe what getting older means to you and how older people are cared for in your culture?

2. Illness: beliefs and customs (15%)

  • Can you tell outline the beliefs regarding cultural practices regarding illness?
  • What are some cultural related treatments for illness?
  • What are your experiences with informal and formal health care providers and your beliefs about when to go to them for help.

3. Health Orientation (20%)

  • Does your cultural group have any theories that explain specific illness or health problems?
  • What is your cultural group’s general belief about the cause, prevention, diagnoses, and treatment of illness?
  • To what extent is there use of traditional medicine or healers? If so, for whom is it popular? What types are used and for which problems?
  • Where do people in your cultural group go to for health information?
  • In general, what have been the experiences of your cultural group when trying to access the health care system?

4. Diet for your cultural group (15%)

  • What are the traditional foods and what role do these foods play in health, religion, and social activities?
  • How has your cultural group’s diet changed in the US as compared to your country of origin?
  • Are traditional foods for your cultural group accessible in the U.S.?

5. Religion (10%)

  • What involvement does your religion, or belief system, play in health promotion?
  • Do any of your religious beliefs or belief practices, conflict with western notions of health promotion?

Assignment Submission Requirements:

  1. Please submit a word document file with a total of 750 words answering the questions to the 5 headings described above.
  2. This assignment must be computer generated using a Word document file.
  3. APA Format is mandatory. Thus, you will need a title page and a reference page. Please write your assignment under the five headings given above (points will be deducted for not doing this).
  4. Please note the word limit is plus or minus 5% of the word limit. Points will be deducted for each additional wordage of 5% outside of the word limit.

Grading Criteria

  1. Each topic heading within the assignment has been allocated a percentage of the grade available for this assignment.
  2. If you answer each topic in detail, with reference to the course materials, using the guidance notes/suggestions provided you will receive 100% of the grade available for that topic.
  3. If you do not provide the detail asked for, or do so in a superficial manner, or do not provide the information in the weighted word limit set for that topic, you will be awarded a lesser grade for that topic on a sliding scale.
  4. Please use the resources recommended from the course materials and guidance notes provided to address the assignment topics you have been set.
  5. Also, ensure that you use the topic headings within the assignment to organize your thinking and construct your answer, points will be deducted for not doing so. This makes it easier to compare the work submitted by students in relation to the topics addressed and to grade your work.

Personal Heritage assessment