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Persuasive Essay

Persuasive Essay.

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English 124 Evaluation Essay 2 Prompt-

For your second paper you will be required to write an essay at least 5 pages long using evaluation to write a persuasive argument. Choose a topic and use an evaluation approach to organize and create an argument about that topic. Review the Toulmin methods of organizing arguments of value for guidance on how to structure your own essay.

How can we judge your topic based on specific criteria? What criteria should we use to judge its value? Where does the value criterion come from? A key element of evaluation is convincing readers to understand and accept your method of judging your subject. How does your judgment of the subject help up to better understand the subject as a whole?

Create your own criteria for judging your subject, and argue in your essay if your subject either completely, partially, or doesn’t meet the standards you use.

Your essay needs to be clear and unified under your thesis. Make sure to include specific evidence from the article you read, to show how and why you analyzed the article the way you did in your essay. Make sure to review the section in your textbook on proper MLA citation for any quotes or paraphrases you use from your outside source.

Grading Criteria, Successful papers will have:

1. A developed introductory paragraph, with a clear thesis. State your topic and your judgement of it. (10 points)

2. Well-supported, unified body paragraphs with specific examples that reinforce your thesis. What is your evaluation system, where does it come from, and how does your topic rate using this system? Include your original points on how your evidence supports your argument. (90 points)

3. Smoothly integrated quotes from an outside source. (15 points)

4. A conclusion that summarizes your main point, and offers a final thought about the value of your argument. (5 points)

5. Your paper will also be thoroughly edited for sentence-level errors. If you have any questions on sentence structure or grammar, visit the Writing Center, or see me in my office. (5 points)

Total points: 125

Persuasive Essay