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PHILOSOPHY 9 Formal Proofs and Conditionals

PHILOSOPHY 9 Formal Proofs and Conditionals.

I’m working on a Philosophy question and need guidance to help me study.

PLEASE DO NOT OFFER TO TRY THIS ASSIGNMENT IF YOU AREN’T CONFIDENT OR COMFORTABLE AS I HAVE ALREADY HAD 2 TUTORS NOT BE ABLE TO PULL THROUGH WITH THEIR ATTEMPTS. PLEASE NO HESITATIONS. This is a symbolic logic course. This is only 1 question. All the requirements are listed in the following picture for assignment. The last part, PartIIb, set up premise and conlusion and construct and complete a proof for the argument, using only the truth-functional intro. and elim. inference rules (^, v, ⊥, ¬, →, ↔). As well, when we start talking, I will send reference files and rules for help and clarity if needed just be sure you are comfortable with these kind of proofs. NO NEED TO USE THE FITCH PROGRAM AT ALL, FEEL FREE TO HANDWRITE AS LONG AS YOU SHOW YOUR WORK TO BE CLEAR AND JUSTIFIED RIGHT. Although, just know using the FITCH program, you can check to see if your proof is 100% correct just incase. I can try to check as well on my end if it is correct.Thank you.

PHILOSOPHY 9 Formal Proofs and Conditionals