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please read instructions

please read instructions.

I need support with this Computer Science question so I can learn better.

It is your parents’ (or grandparents, if you wish) XYZ-year wedding anniversary, and you want to buy them a 5-day vacation. You have a budget of $3,000.00

Then, start planning! Search, research, analyze and compare, and plan a 5-day vacation for your parents. Things to keep in mind:

Think about your parents: psychographically, how would you describe them?

Think about what they would need, and what they would want: can you deliver both? (ex.: rest & relaxation / romance & adventure) where? Domestic or overseas? Flight or cruise?

  • Minimum of 2+ pages, double-spaced, Font 12
  • APA not required, but a minimum of 5 References is required

flights would be from newark NJ to fort lauderdale. Stay at the W hotel in fort lauderdale on the beach. They like steak houses and relaxing on the beach. they would rent a mid budget card maybe a mustang it would be domestic trip

please read instructions