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poli104 final

poli104 final.

Need help with my Political Science question – I’m studying for my class.

The Final Exam (which as you know will consist of three questions, one using the same format as mini-midterm #1, one using the same format as mini-midterm #2, and one using the mini-midterm #3 format; you’ll have two hours…) will only ask questions testing the important concepts we emphasized in class from the following materials:

–Baum, Chapter 12, Decision Making by Trial Court Judges

–Baum, Chapter 13, Decision Making in Collegial Courts

–Baum, Chapter 14, Implementation and Impact of Judicial Policies

–Excerpts from the COURT-STRIPPING cases (Pages JS-1 through JS-12)

–Excerpts assigned for Weeks 8 and the First Part of Week 10 on Pages ELEC-1 through ELEC-44 (Bush v. Gore, the California Recall decisions, and the decisions in the 2004 Ohio presidential election cases)

–Excerpts from the District Court and the Supreme Court decisions in the very recent controversy about the April 7th Wisconsin election (found in the document entitled “Continuation of Week 10 Materials (WISCONSIN APRIL 7 ELECTION DECISIONS)

poli104 final