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Policy and Economy

Policy and Economy.

I’m trying to study for my Environmental Science course and I need some help to understand this question.

Assignments include both questions and essay related with the both articles covered and the ideas discussed in the course notes.

You need to review both article and lecture notes to answer the following questions.

  1. As discussed in “High-Tech Trash,” what is the meaning and origin of “Moore’s law,” and what “unstated corollary” to it has Chris Carroll now stated?
  2. As described in the article “High-Tech Trash,” what are the 1989 Basel Convention and the Basel Ban. Describe them with sample work achieved.
  3. As described in “Clean, Green, Safe and Smart”, what criteria must be met for any source of energy chosen? Describe briefly.
  4. As described in “Clean, Green, Safe and Smart”, what was former VP Cheney’s 2001 plan on energy policy?
  5. As described in “Clean, Green, Safe and Smart”, what is the basic goal of a new national energy policy? What criteria must be considered in developing basic energy goals for our country?
  6. As brought out in “Clean, Green, Safe and Smart,” what are the criteria and the fuels that America should rely on for our energy needs in the future?
  7. What are the alternative energy sources currently show great promise but need considerable development to be commercially applicable on a large scale?
  8. Do you agree to increase taxes on gasoline and other carbon-based fuels usage to promote energy conservation, more public and mass transportation such as high-speed rail lines, and electric vehicles? Explain pros and cons with examples.
  9. After watching the following video clip, National Plug In Day 2011 Flagship Event, and reviewing the web site, write a short paragraph on your observations.
  10. Write briefly your review comments on “Who killed the electric car?” movie clip.

Essay: In your own words write an essay on “what the goals of a new national energy policy should be?” Provide supporting evidence and examples of environmental, economic, and health impacts. Also research briefly the relation between energy and foreign policy issues. Do you think our energy needs impact our foreign policy issues in the United States?

Policy and Economy