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Power point disease presentation on Staphylococcal Skin Infections (Mild (sub) cutaneous: folliculitis, boils, sties Impetigo Scalded skin syndrome)

Power point disease presentation on Staphylococcal Skin Infections (Mild (sub) cutaneous: folliculitis, boils, sties Impetigo Scalded skin syndrome).

I don’t know how to handle this Powerpoint question and need guidance.


Students are required to give an oral presentation about a set of microbial diseases. This should be a narrated power-point or video recorded presentation that should not be less than 8 minutes and no more than 10 minutes long.

The presentation assignment is worth 50 points.

Presentation slides should be prepared in bullet style. Do not include paragraphs, too many sentences, or too much text. Bullets are used as a guide on what to talk about.

To select the infections to present, please write your name in the table included in the MW S20 Disease List (Links to an external site.) (first-come first-served).

The following components are required to be addressed in the presentation, and should be 1 slide minimum per component and no more than 2 slides:
  1. Introduction and Etiology: What causes the disease and brief description of the causative agent.
  2. Pathogenesis: Brief description of the pathogenicity AND the characteristic virulence factors of the pathogen (how does it cause disease).
  3. Disease description: Organs that are affected and on how they are affected, common signs and symptoms, stages and development of disease (incubation period, progression), prognosis, significant/common complications, what it is like to live with the disease, etc. These will vary and depend on the type of disease and causative agent.
  4. Transmission: Describe how disease spreads and how contagious it is.
  5. Treatments: Most common course of action. No need to go into specifics.
  6. Prevention: Common ways or methods to prevent transmission and infection, availability of vaccines, etc.


There are different options to record your video. You could use PowerPoint or Screencast-O-Matic (Links to an external site.). Your presentation file must be uploaded in the assignment for the Disease Presentation.


Images/diagrams/tables are required in your presentation. All visuals should pertain to the information on the slide in which they appear (clip art type pictures do not count– see rubric on Canvas for details). They must be explained and referred to,and relevantto the presentation and information given. Include the source or link of the imageunder it (in small font).


It is absolutely necessary to reference all sources that were used to create your presentation. THERE WILL BE NO CREDIT WITHOUT THIS. Include references as a complete separate page. Use an appropriate professional citation or reference format (i.e. MLA or APA).

Minimum of five current (10 years max) sources are required. The following MUST be used as sources:

  1. Class textbook (include page numbers)
  2. Reputable internet web site – .gov, .edu, .org. NO .coms – unless it is approved (consult your instructor), include The CDC website has relevant and complete information for diseases.
    • Students can use a reputable news article or interview with a knowledgeable person (health care professional, person with the disease or condition).

List of common errors

    • Speaking too fast/slow or too soft
    • Not defining unfamiliar vocabulary– Using medical or biological terminology not commonly used in class
    • Giving too little or incomplete information during the presentation
    • Not being able to expand verbally on information you should know
    • Relying too heavily on note cards or reading too much from the screen during the presentation
    • Not making a backup copy of your presentation
    • Not practicing your presentation beforehand and not reviewing the information pertaining to your topic
    • Using a busy slide background that makes it difficult to read, or is very distracting; using too much information/text
    • Using sound effects
    • No visuals/graphics at all
    • Using font that is too small or that has a color difficult to see
    • Grammatical and spelling errors

Power point disease presentation on Staphylococcal Skin Infections (Mild (sub) cutaneous: folliculitis, boils, sties Impetigo Scalded skin syndrome)