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Presentations and outline business communication course

Presentations and outline business communication course.

I need an explanation for this Powerpoint question to help me study.

This assignment has four parts:

1. Read Chapter 12 in the textbook, Essentials of Business Communication

2. Write 10 observations, comments and/or take-ways from Chapter 12. Submit on a separate word.doc. Include your first and last name on the document.

3. Submit completed 10 slide presentation with reference page at the end. Please see lecture slide for details.

4. Submit word.doc outline of presentation

Presentation MUST be one of the topics discussed on the lecture slide.


I just received a great question concerning your presentation assignment. As you are developing your material, please include 4-6 key points. 6 bullet points would be the maximum per page. Your outline will provide more specific details. Since you aren’t presenting this in class, I’ll be looking for your outline to provide the majority of your information.

Your outline will include the main information for your presentation as if you were presenting to the class. Please refer back to the lecture for your topics concerning this assignment.

Hint: The title page of your presentation should be one of those topics.

Presentations and outline business communication course