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Provide Feedback to another students Discussion Board Post

Provide Feedback to another students Discussion Board Post.

I need an explanation for this Business question to help me study.

Provide a reply / Feedback to another students discussion board post. Here is the original assignment the student was replying to:

For this assignment, you will craft a qualitative research question pertaining to doctoral persistence and a set of 5 interview questions. You should write the interview questions according to the guidelines provided in the presentation located in Module/Week 4: Crafting Interview Questions. You will present your research question and crafted questions on the Discussion Board Forum for the opportunity for peer feedback. This assignment is designed to help you to strengthen your research skills and to obtain better research data.

Here is the students post that you are replying to:

Who you plan to Interview and Why

Two members of the faculty at John Brown University have been emailed to request an interview. The first person selected is Dr. Kimberly Hadley, the Vice President of Finance and Administration, and also serves as an assistant professor of business. The second person who was emailed requesting an interview is Dr. Kirk Jackson, associate professor of accounting. If a timely reply is not received from these two requests, another faculty member will be selected.

The criteria of selecting a person with an earned doctoral degree for this interview included the requirement that the person earned their doctoral degree from a Christian university and was also currently on the business faculty at a Christian university. John Brown University is a faith-based institution that requires the faculty to sign a letter of faith as a requirement of employment. I serve as an adjunct accounting instructor at John Brown which provides an avenue for requesting the interview with the selected faculty members. The second criterion of the persons selected for the interview is to have earned a doctoral of business from a Christian university.

During the research of the literature review, some of the articles listed faith as a contributing positive factor for doctoral persistence. The contribution of faith toward doctoral persistence appears to need additional research and supports two qualitative research questions. The first question relates to the student’s faith in Jesus as the Lord of their life. The Biblical principle of all this is possible through Jesus also applies for doctoral persistence. The Biblical principle of God providing the ability to earn wealth and obtain wisdom are both related factors.

The criteria of the persons identified for the interview, having an earned doctoral degree from a Christian university, relates to the institution’s contribution to the student’s doctoral persistence. The Liberty university doctoral human resource development classes stressed the need for a Christian businessperson to show Jesus to the staff members. A Christian coaching manager can show Jesus in the way they treat their employees and customers. When a Christian applies Biblical precepts in their daily business relationships this effectively represents Jesus. A Christian business should stand out in the community with an outstanding reputation and provide excellent customer experience. A Christian university should also have an outstanding reputation and provide excellent student services including Christian guidance throughout the student’s academic career plus the dissertation phase of the degree completion.

Five interview questions that will Assist in Answering the Research Question

  1. What was your time management strategy used to balance your family life, employment, and time with Jesus that enabled adequate time to complete the required coursework?
  2. What strategy was used to manage the stress of your professional employment, family relationships, and academic demand?
  3. How did your walk of faith as a Christian provide doctoral persistence that all things are possible through Christ including your ability to earn your doctoral degree?
  4. How did your relationships with Christian professors at a faith-based institution better motivate you in the area of doctoral persistence to complete the required curriculum of the doctoral degree? Specifically, what was the impact of the Christian professor during the dissertation phase of the degree program?
  5. Was there a time while pursuing the doctorate that you were exhausted and considered dropping out of the program? What area of doctoral persistence motivated you to continue the pursuit of the degree?


Reply to 2 classmates’ threads and offer suggestions for improving the quality of both the research question and the interview questions.

Provide Feedback to another students Discussion Board Post