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Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement.

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For the public service announcement assignment, prepare 2 public service announcements using the format in the sample. These announcements should be messages that contain information for the public good.

  • 30-second PSA
  • 60-second PSA

The PSA is generally aired over the radio so the text should be appropriate for sharing information with the audience and important information (like phone numbers) should be repeated at least twice.

Some “classic” PSA topics might include:

  • Wear your seat belt
  • Check the batteries in your smoke detector
  • Don’t let friends drink/drive
  • Don’t text/drive
  • Get your child immunized
  • Get your flu shot
  • Volunteers wanted

Remember the PSA is a tool of non-profits but for-profit organizations can use them to share messages in the public interest. As I’ve mentioned before, if Ford Motor did a “wear seat belt” campaign, it would be public service and could be shared via PSA.

Public Service Announcement