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Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying.

I’m trying to study for my Engineering course and I need some help to understand this question.

Solve the Three (3) Parts questions in Quantity Surveying below:

PART – 1

INSTRUCTIONS: Only the answer is needed. No supporting sources required.

Q1. Explain why an institution like REALTORS is important.

Q2. Explain the order in which landlord objectives should be prioritized.

Q3. Explain why the Ma’bela Industrial Area should or should not be forced to have percentage leases.

Q4. Explain the procedure followed by a property insurance agent for claims after a fire.

Q5. Explain whether Electronic Information Systems would be a benefit or a hindrance for property managers.

PART – 2

INSTRUCTIONS: Analysis is required and supporting sources can be provided where needed.

Q6. Compare the Oman real estate laws with estates in fee. The answer should include:

i.General descriptions of both systems.

ii.Two (2) similarities between them.

iii.Two (2) differences between them.

Q7. Suggest any four (4) possible changes to the real estate rental laws in light of the recent COVID- 19 pandemic. The answer should include a brief description of:

i.How the current situation affects the rental market.

ii.Which laws may need to be updated.

iii.The updates required.

iv.The effects the suggestions may have on the market.

Q8. Explain how a business in Oman can benefit from encumbrances. The answer should include:

i.A brief description of encumbrances.

ii.A detailed example showing at least one (1) benefit.

iii.A brief description of any problem that may occur in this arrangement.

Q9. Explain how cyclical decoration can be implemented at the Boulevard Tower in Muscat Hills.

The answer should include a brief description of:

i.Cyclical decoration.

ii.The relevance of cyclical decoration to the building.

iii.The items to be replaced.

iv.The procedure to be carried out.

Q10. Explain how the four (4) most common vulnerabilities of Electronic Information Systems can be avoided. The answer should include a brief explanation of:

i.Each type of vulnerability.

ii.Which vulnerabilities are more dangerous than the others.

iii.Ways of prevention of the vulnerabilities.

iv.Methods to reduce the effects of the vulnerabilities.

PART – 3

INSTRUCTIONS: Case studies are to be solved using properly referenced supporting material.

Q11. Read the case study below and answer the questions that follow:

A private investor recently experienced an increase in her profit due to the changing ways of doing business. She would like to investigate the feasibility of hiring a property manager for her most- recent residential-commercial project in the outskirts of Ghala. All of her other projects concern import & export (e-commerce) and this is the first time that she will be responsible for a construction project.

Q11.a. Assume that a marketing portfolio has to be provided to the investor to motivate her to hire a property management firm. The portfolio should include:

i.A brief description of any two (2) bespoke services that can be provided.

ii.An explanation of the how the services provided will add value for her.

iii.An outline of any two pitfalls that she has to be aware of while working with property managers.

Q11.b. The investor has inquired about joint leasing between tenants for this building. Prepare a document addressing her query. The document should include:

i.A brief description of each of the types of joint ownership available.

ii.Any two (2) changes that may be required for converting existing lease contracts to account for joint ownership.

iii.The feasibility of each of the types for this project along with a reason.

Q12. Read the case study below and answer the questions that follow:

A property manager is collaborating with a client to manage the expansion of one of their buildings. The building in question is a residential building which will now be expanded horizontally as well as vertically. The plinth area will be nearly doubled while two (2) new floors will be added, taking the total number of floors of the building to eight (8) and making it a mixed-use building.

Q12.a. The property manager is now also a project manager / construction manager. How can the key performance indicators used in the building be revised to make them suitable for the current situation? The answer should include an explanation of:

i.Four (4) key performance indicators suitable to be used by a property manager in the original six (6) floor building.

ii.Two (2) additional key performance indicators that can be added to the construction phase, keeping in mind that there will be existing tenants living in the building.

iii.Three (3) additional key performance indicators that will be needed after the construction is completed including the reason for the choice and the effects of NOT using these key performance indicators.

Q12.b. Explain the uses of five (5) of the most commonly used leases for the completed project.

Multiple leases can be used in the building as there will simultaneously be multiple tenants of multiple types. The answer should include:

i.A brief description of each type of lease.

ii.The suitability of each type of lease for different types of tenants.

iii.Any single issue that might happen by using the selected lease in each situation.

*** Words count = 1500 words minimum.

Quantity Surveying