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question on ingram micro

question on ingram micro.

I need an explanation for this Business question to help me study.

Application Case 8.2: Ingram Micro Uses Business Intelligence Applications to Make Pricing Decisions.Ingram Micro: This company is the world’s largest two-tier distributor of technology products. In a two-tier distribution system, a company purchases products from manufacturers and sells them to retailers who in turn sell these products to the end-users. For example, one can purchase a Microsoft Office 365 package from Ingram rather than purchasing it directly from Microsoft. Ingram has partnerships with Best Buy, Buffalo, Google, Honeywell, Libratone, and Sharper Image.

Read the rest of the stories with a better understanding from pages 466 to 467 of your recommended textbook. After the reading, answer the following questions briefly.

1. What were the main challenges faced by Ingram Micro in developing a BIC?

2. List all the business intelligence solutions developed by Ingram to optimize the prices of their products and to profile their customers.

3. What benefits did Ingram receive after using the newly developed BI applications?

Sharda, Ramesh. Delen, Dursun. Turban, Efraim. (2016). Business Intelligence and Analytics: Systems For Decision Support. Place of Publication Not Identified: Prentice Hall.

question on ingram micro