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Reflective Paper

Reflective Paper.

I’m stuck on a Writing question and need an explanation.

There are two reflective papers in which your goal is to communicate the inner work you’ve done in class, painting a clear picture for us about what you’re learning. These essays are your opportunity to develop your ability to self-reflect, analyze and practice your writing skills. In the first essay, you will reflect upon your process up to the midterm. The second essay accompanies the performance of your final scene. Papers should be double-spaced, in 12-point font. The papers will be submitted in Canvas. Each essay is worth 50% of the total essay mark, with the total essay mark comprising 20% of the course grade. For both, you will be assessed on:

  • Ideas: Reflect personally on the course’s impact on you and your learning process.
  • Examples: Refer to readings and class activities, use specific examples, and exhibit depth in your thinking. Describe activities in detail. Give evidence for your opinions.
  • Style: Avoid clichés and write formally yet clearly, in a voice that is authentic to you.
  • Mechanics: Your essay is expected to be the assigned length, in the determined format, and almost completely free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Although this is not primarily a writing class, we expect you, as university students, to write to the best of your ability, and we grade with excellence as the A standard. We strongly suggest you read your essay out loud before turning it in, to catch grammatical mistakes and assure your writing reflects your thinking. Professional writers do this, too! Please please read what you write out loud before you turn it in.


This is an essay on your experience for the first half of the class. Please discuss all of the following:

  • Your understanding of the readings (quotes required) and terms.
  • Your experience with the in-class exercises.
  • Your experience rehearsing and performing the short improvised scene (midterm).
  • Your thoughts on one of your classmates’ scenes.
  • How these experiences are impacting other areas of your life.

This is a drama class, what I did during the midterm: we perform a scene which the plot will be attached. And the conversation we uesd is the first one in the “Contentless-Scenes” called “what did you do last night”.

We performed 2 plots:

the first one: I am B in the the scene, and we are going to talk about a story that happens among two colleagues. The story is happening one day after February 14th (Valentine’s Day). My name is Ashley, and I come from Petaluma, now I am working in GOOGLE in Mountain View.

The story begins when I buy the coffee in Starbucks. I am lining up in Starbucks and my colleagues meet me there, then she trying to start a conversation with me, but I am not in the mood to talk with other person now. Since I used to have a boyfriend but we just broken up yesterday, so I feel really upset and depressed. She keep asking what did I do yesterday but I am kind out of the patient to talk with her. Besides, I do not think our relationship is close enough for me to share my daily life. Since we are only colleagues, we do not know each other well, it is kind awkward if we are lining up together but talking nothing.

The second one: i am A in the scene. it is the conversation between husband and wife, wife is having a conversation with husband because husband was not home last night and they are having trust danger.

Reflective Paper