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Research Essay on (Alcoholism, Negative effects, or something similar..)

Research Essay on (Alcoholism, Negative effects, or something similar..).

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The Prompt:For your final research paper, you get to “Join the conversation”, creating your own argument(about alcoholism, negative effects on the body, fetal alcohol syndrome, or something similar)and backing it up with evidence.

For this paper, you will write a minimum of 8pages at least 6credible sources to back up your claims.

For your outside sources, you need to have 1 article from a scholarly journal, 1 book, 1 newspaper article

In addition, you can use documentaries and interviews as credible sourcesSuccessful papers will:

Make a strong arguable assertion on a topic

Use clear subclaims to back up the overall argument

Develop each claim with credible textual evidence and sufficient discussion of how that evidence relates to the overall argument

Use logical reasoning

Correctly cite evidenceeven when paraphrasing

Properly introduce quotesUse clear topic sentences to signal the focus of each body paragraphUse academic language and transitions

Bring new light to a topicnot merely repeat what’s already been said

In addition to writing your paper, you will be creating a visual representation of your research topic

You can write a poem, create a poster, video, song, collage, drawing, painting, meme, comic strip, “zine” (mini magazine), webpage, or even spoken word

Don’t just share someone else’s work, like an image from Googleyou could create a collage with images you have found, but you must CREATE something or you won’t get any points

Research Essay on (Alcoholism, Negative effects, or something similar..)