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respond to theresa

respond to theresa.

I’m working on a Social Science exercise and need support.

please respond to theresa with 200 words please make sure your response is meaningful and relates to the information in theresa’s post


1. Review the sections in the text on “temperament” and “Multiple Intelligences” and describe yourself.

– After sitting down and reviewing the sections in the text on “temperament” and “Multiple Intelligences” I found that I am most likely to be on the normal spectrum of the temperament rating chart. According to the textbook, “Studies support the idea that temperament is genetic. For instance, one study found that Asian babies tend to be less active, irritable, and vocal but more easily soothed and better able to quite themselves than Caucasian infants of the same be more active and less fearful than infant girls (Berk,2009)”(Feeney, Moravcik, & Nolte, 2019, p.114). I find myself more low than high on some of the temperament characteristics.

3. After rating yourself, rate someone who drives you crazy, to see how you compare.

– I rated my co worker using the letter “O”. The Rhythmicity and Activity Levels were literally 100% the same. My coworker is someone who is constantly going going going like similar to a child and her Rhythmicity is about the same as toddler because she is never really tired, loves to eat a-lot, and has so much energy. When it comes to approach withdrawals we are polar opposites, she is so outgoing and bubbly and me on the other hand is very shy and timid. Our persistence is almost the same, when it comes to adaptability we are both similar in this way as well. Quality of moods we are on different spectrums, her distractibility is very high, me on the other hand takes a-lot for me to get distracted. Threshold of responsive is very different, and the intensity of reaction we both react to certain things differently and some similar.

4. How do you feel your temperament and the types of “intelligences” you favor will influence you as a teacher? Why so?

– I feel that my temperament that I favor will influences me as a teacher. Because it will allow me to understand different ways to approach the children while I am teaching them. Of course not everyone is the same, so sometimes you will have to try different approaches. No as for the types of “intelligences” I feel those will help me in favor as a teacher because it will help me teach the children all the right tools they will need for when they grow up. Being able to give my students the necessary tools for them to succeed in life is something I will strive for. According to the text, ” We have found the concept of temperament valuable in helping us understand the wide range of personalities in the young children we have taught”(Feeney, Moravcik, & Nolte, 2019, p.114).

4. What other life experiences and relationships might influence you as a teacher? Why so?

– Some of my best experiences I have got to experiences was when I got to go back to my old elementary school, and volunteer with my favorite kindergarten teacher. It made me open my eyes, and be like wow I really want to become a teacher and be able to mold a shape the young children’s minds for the better. Ever since I was younger I have always worked with younger children, and I do think that I am really good at it. If I wasn’t going to become a teacher I would want to do something that involves working and being around children.


Feeney, S., Moravcik, E., & Nolte, S. (2019). Who am I in the lives of children?: An introduction to early childhood education. New York, NY: Pearson Education.

respond to theresa