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Revolutionizing how we Train Employees

For your class project, you will develop and present a plan of action for implementing a specific change within a defined organization. The change can be hypothetical or something you have experienced a need for in a hospitality organization.

The plan of action will need to identify the specific change and desired outcome.

The following elements need to be included or analyzed within the plan of action explanations:

1. Management and/or leadership tactics to facilitate the change

2. Data gathering and measuring tools or practices [explained and an example presented in the plan; utilized if data is available]

3. Group formation and team development

4. Communication methods with justification

5. Planning and control tactics

6. Measuring, feedback, and evaluation methods

7. Contingencies [what could go wrong and plan to respond]

The elements do not need to be in that order. Each element should provide analysis in addition to identification and description. That analysis should be supported with validating or corroborating scholarly sources, not personal opinion or opinions shared on weblogs or websites.