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Risk assessment 250-350 words

Risk assessment 250-350 words.

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Greenhouse gas emissions are one of the most important environmental issue that A2 Milk Company facing right now. Based on Dairy Australia (2020), the dairy industry faces greater pressure to reduce emissions. Farms are the main sources of CH4 and N2O emissions, and third-party processing factories and transportation are the main sources of CO2 emissions. CH4 is the gas produced by fermentation in the intestines of dairy cows and is directly discharged into the air through the cattle (FAO, 2010). Additionally, N2O is formed by cow dung, urine, accumulation fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer, etc. under the action of microorganisms and is directly released into the air (FAO, 2010). Moreover, CO2 emissions are composed of two parts, the first one is the direct emissions generated when the production equipment burns energy and the transportation vehicles burn diesel and gasoline. The second is the indirect emissions generated when the equipment is purchased to use electricity. The fact is that CH4 and N2O have a higher greenhouse effect than CO2, which is 26 times and 206 times of CO2 ((Pepper, Gerba & Brusseau, 2011). According to A2 Milk (2019), farm greenhouse gas emissions accounted for 75% of total emissions, and third-party processing plants and transportation accounted for 24% in 2019. Therefore, A2 milk must pay attention to the impact of greenhouse gases emitted by these processes on the sustainable development of the environment.

Discuss the implications, the consequences, and the effects for A2 Milk Company arising from greenhouse gas emissions issue. When, where and how are they likely to impact our business? The Board will only be concerned with implications that are (financially) material to the business. Ensure your arguments can be supported and corroborated (please use references). No introduction or conclusion needed.

Referencing requirements: You are required to fully reference all sources drawn upon, whether published or unpublished, using the Harvard or APA style of referencing. As a guide, at least 3 academic (peer-reviewed) references.

Risk assessment 250-350 words