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Texas School understands the importance of attracting, staffing, and retaining excellent talent for its schools and central office. In fact, one of the five key priorities in the District’s strategic plan, Blueprint 2020, is “Exceptional Talent: Build an excellent team of dedicated staff to serve our students.” To do this, the District is working to rely more heavily on critical staffing data to inform the recruitment, selection, and staffing of key school-based personnel and a year-long approach to hiring and staffing that ensures we have the best talent available for students.

Imagine that you have taken on a position as the Executive Administrative Specialist for Human Resources. One of your first tasks is to coordinate the selection process for teacher candidates at one of the District’s new schools opening in 2019-2020. The Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, your manager, has shared that the process is divided into three key phases: resume/application review, phone interview screen, and in-person panel interviews. He also shared with you that this process is being conducted jointly between Texas schools and a local university and the selection committee consists of senior leaders from both organizations, which means all materials, updates and scheduling must be coordinated across both teams.

The application window closes in two weeks, and the selection process will need to occur over the course of the four weeks following the close of applications.


  1. Generate a draft plan with all the tasks and items that will need to be coordinated in order to conduct the three phases of selection. For each task, include a deadline and notes with any information you will need in order to complete the task.
  2. Draft an email to the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, imagining that you are attaching your draft plan to it. In your email, explain any assumptions you made when creating your plan, ask any outstanding questions you have that would help you improve your plan, and request any support you will need from the Assistant Superintendent or other members of the Human Resources team to coordinate the work.

Plan for approximately 90 minutes of work for this project.

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