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Self-Assessment 1 for MGMT 301.WB1 Course

Self-Assessment 1 for MGMT 301.WB1 Course.

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review the attached assignments that I have already completed, and then complete this assignment based on your thoughts on your progress in the course. Please pretend that you are me.

Self-Assessments: Participation and Preparation

Using the attached rubric, students will complete two self-assessments of your progress and contributions to the course. At the end of weeks 4 and 8, students will be asked to rate their own P & P performance. Maximum score is 20, late S/As will lose 2 points/week The self-appraisal must conform to the rules of good writing. They may not be submitted early and may only be submitted between the dates indicated below:

Please use the following questions as guidelines for your self-assessments:

  1. Using the rating scale found in the Appendix and since the last self-assessment, which items from each category do you believe describe your behavior? Why?
  2. Based on your answer to Q1, what would you give yourself for an overall rating (i.e. in which performance level do you think you belong)?
  3. In the area of preparedness and participation, what do you believe to be your greatest strengths?
  4. What would you like to improve?
  5. Moving forward (in this class or others), what strategies might you use to enhance your strengths and minimize your weaknesses
  6. Do you feel you completed what you described in Q5 of your last self-assessment? Why or why not? (SA # 2 & 3 only)

Self-Assessment 1 for MGMT 301.WB1 Course