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Semester Paper: Mindset

Semester Paper: Mindset.

I don’t know how to handle this Psychology question and need guidance.

All students who have taken Introduction to Psychologyshould be familiar with influential contributions in research and theory, and how these relate to everyday life. Thus, the research review paper is intended to familiarize you with the research process, findings, and implications and expose you to ways in which psychological theory applies to everyday life. As you will see, the book that I have chosen will relate to an area of research called “Mind Set.” This area relates to how cognitive styles can have an impact on personal perceptions, behavior, and achievement.You will be reading the required book by Carol Dweck called “Mindset.” You will be answering questions and providing your own thoughts and reflections about this book in Part I of your semester paper. In a second section of this semester paper (part II), you will be finding ONE current research article (published within the last seven years) in the scientific literature that relates to Carol Dweck’s concept of “Mind Set.” You will be asked to answer specific questions about this article and then apply the concepts to your life. Your article must be from a scientific research journal that is peerreviewed. This article can be found using Psych Articles or EBSCO databases that can be accessed online through the IVC librarywebsite.It might be helpful to get assistance from a librarian to show you the scope of this literature search tool.All responses in your semester paper must BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Also, please do not use quotes, even if properly cited. Part of this assignment is for you to THINK about what you are if you quotes, points will be deducted. Also, NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED, SO PLEASE PLAN AHEAD. PLEASE DO NOT EMAILYOUR PAPER TO ME. IT MUST BE PROPERLY UPLOADED IN THE BLACKBOARD SYSTEM FOR CREDIT.You are to upload ONE completed paper to the “Semester Paper” link, which can be located in “Assignments,” in the Canvas system. Please remember, you are uploading your paper to a Turnitin location, which is a tool to detect plagiarism. REMEMBER, EVERYTHING MUST BE WRITTEN IN YOUR OWN WORDSPLEASE NO QUOTES even if properly cited. Please see the detailed handout for this assignment, which is included toward the end ofthis syllabus.

Do not do plagarism please!!!!

Semester Paper: Mindset