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Soc log7&8,log9&10

Soc log7&8,log9&10.

I’m studying for my Social Science class and need an explanation.

as ollow the template and prompt fill in the article you have read into the chart that provide.

Logs will be graded on effort and completion: clear evidence of having meaningfully engaged with the assignment will earn you 80-100%; incomplete or inadequate work with some effort still in evidence will earn you 50-70%; low quality or missing work will earn you 0-40%, depending on the level of completion. If you are not earning scores you are happy with and are not sure why, please check in with me to find out my specific recommendations for improvement.

You must use the chart provided above. We have an enormous class and this helps me to more quickly identify whether you have hit the main points of the exercise. For the first week, I have filled out both instructions and the first reading (Golash-Boza) for you. You do not need to redo the Golash-Boza – it is a free gift 🙂

To add a line in a Word chart, click on the “Tables” menu, then “Insert,” then “Rows Below.” Please begin a fresh chart for each bi-weekly submission (I will always provide a link to the empty chart).

at least should be filled within 3 section in the chart.

Soc log7&8,log9&10