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SOCI300 Taking Sides

SOCI300 Taking Sides.

I’m stuck on a Psychology question and need an explanation.

(2) Paper #2: Taking Sides DUE SUNDAY MARCH 29

Your paper must be word-processed, double-spaced and at least 850 words in length (excluding your name, title, and references). Your paper is worth 100 points. It is hard these days to watch the news without some report about illegal immigration or illegal immigrants. Everyone has an opinion about the subject but few take the time to learn more about illegal immigration. For this assignment you will choose a side on the debate and do a little research about it (always start with the text and then go to the Internet and search academic sources, in other words NOT Wikipedia or similar sites – sites from non-profit, bi-partisan, government agencies are fine). Write a paper supporting one of the sides of illegal immigration. Your paper should include: A summary of the topic of illegal immigration • Your stated opinion on illegal immigration (you can actually focus on a particularly policy like the law recently passed in Arizona or the overall issue of illegal immigration. • Supporting evidence for the side you choose to support

SOCI300 Taking Sides