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song lyrics

song lyrics.

I don’t understand this Music question and need help to study.

Assignment Instructions:

It’s all about the song. In this activity, you will write a song based on something you know very well–the story of your life. When writing the lyrics, be sure to consider how they will work with standard song forms and the musical composition you may have in mind. Remember, you can have a great melody, but if the lyrics are weak, it can drag down your whole composition, so this assignment is all about the lyrics! Your song can be free form or it can have a structure, but the goal is for it to highlight key moments in your life.

When you are done, share the lyrics with us as an image file (make them look good, if you can, with any visuals that support the lyrics). Try your best to fit your song on a single image (the system will accept up to 3 separate images).

Here’s how we will evaluate your submission’s quality:

  • The song and lyrics are reflective of your life and persona
  • The image file for the lyrics is clear and details are easily understood.
  • The lyrics tell a life story.
  1. You also need to add a short paragraph info describing the project and what you have learned.(separetly)

NOTE: The system will only display single images in the .jpg, .png, and .gif format; PDF’s

song lyrics