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Source review.

Source review..

I don’t know how to handle this Chemistry question and need guidance.

I need two summaries of the references below. both summaries in the form of a paragraph (separate paragraphs not linked together) consisting no more than 250 words the summary shall be on the content not. the abstract. A citation and the main idea in the first sentence. The body of the summary should show the key points contained in the source. These should be linked so that the summary forms a cohesive paragraph. And a paragraph evaluating the source (150- 200 words) only on these factors: 1)relevance( to the topic: “eradication of plastic packaging” because dumping of plastic materials in lakes, rivers, and oceans triggers the release of a hazardous chemical such as chlorine, which leads to water contamination), 2)reliability and bias, 3)currency, 4)accuracy . Vilela, C. L. S., Bassin, J. P., & Peixoto, R. S. (2018). Water contamination by endocrine disruptors: Impacts, microbiological aspects and trends for environmental protection. Environmental Pollution, 235, 546-559.… Westby, K. M., & Juliano, S. A. (2017). The roles of history: age and prior exploitation in aquatic container habitats have immediate and carry‐over effects on mosquito life history. Ecological entomology, 42(6), 704-711.…

Source review.