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SPCH1311: Introduction to Speech Communication

SPCH1311: Introduction to Speech Communication.

I need help with a Writing question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Reading Assessment

Read chapters 5-8 before you attempt this reading assessment. The goal of this assessment is to apply the principles of human communication that you have read in the textbook.

You should be able to demonstrate your understanding, application, evaluation and analysis of personal responsibility and social responsibility, as well as critical thinking and communication skills after completing this assignment.

Discussion Board


Please click the link above to post your answer to the discussion prompt below:

  • Please read Chapters 1-4 before you attempt this assignment.
  • Your posting should be at least 2 paragraphs in length.
  • Each paragraph should be 5-8 sentences long to receive credit for your post.
  • Remember to bold key concepts from your text (vocabulary words, theories, examples, etc.).


1. Define listening. Provide the textbook definition and then provide an explanation in your own words (this is “denotation”, or the proper definition, and “connotation”, what someone thinks of a concept or idea).

2. What is the difference between listening and hearing?

3. List and explain in detail two of your own listening faults.

4. Describe how overcoming challenges to effective listening can/will improve interpersonal relationships in both a personal (friends/family) and professional (work/school) setting.

Critique TED Talk Journal – Entry #2

Watch the TED Talks linked in the attachment and follow the informative speech rubric attached as an example for concepts to critique each of the speakers. While all elements of the rubric won’t be applicable to each TED Talk, be sure to use at least four (4) or more for each TED Talk you watch/review. Place your review in the attached word documented and upload for credit.

Write your critique to each TED Talk below that Talk’s link in the attached document. Responses should be no less than 150+ words each. Longer videos will necessitate longer responses. Bold textbook concepts.

Save the “Ted Talk Journal Entry 2” document to your computer or OneDrive account and upload to the assignment on eCampus using the “Attach Files” section below.


Bad critique: The speaker was able to effectively deliver their message.

Good critique: The speaker’s message was well received by the audience. You could tell because when the speaker used techniques to engage the audience, they were receptive and provided positive feedback like applause and laughter.

Speech #2 Outline

I have attached the rubric for the speech outline please look at it

Speech #2 Recording (URL)

Exam Mid-Term Exam

SPCH1311: Introduction to Speech Communication