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SPSS lab 3

SPSS lab 3.

I’m studying for my Statistics class and need an explanation.

Endogenous Variable: Attachment

Exogenous Variables: Identity Salience, Attendance, Enduring Involvement and Situational Involvement. (Please enter the predictor variables in the order listed on this assignment)

1. Write the prediction equation (Ŷ =bo +b1X1 +b2X2 + ̇ ̇ ̇bnXn).

2. Write an explanatory paragraph (not to exceed one page; double-spaced) addressing

the results of your regression model by commenting on the following parameters:

Omnibus F-test(indicates overall status of model)

R²(coefficient of determination)

r(coefficient of correlation)

Adjusted R²(considers the number of predictors and sample size)

Standard Error of the Estimate (indicates how much error is in the prediction of the dependent variable)

Significant Predictors

Non-significant Predictors

SPSS already completed and the data starts at the bottom at “regression” watch video for instructions

SPSS lab 3