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Statistic Help

Statistic Help.

I’m working on a Statistics question and need guidance to help me study.

I have a statistic exam Saturday, May 30 from 8am – 10:15am PST. I will have the questions that need to be answered and post the assignment on Saturday May 30 at 8am PST. You will be required to answer all of the questions and clearly show all necessary work (if using a TI 83/94 as needed please list formula that was used) by writing your work and your solutions. Since this is a timed exam, as you answer the questions please send the hand written solutions back to me question by question as they are being finished.

The exam will cover the following Statistics subjects:

10.1 The Language of Hypothesis Testing

10.2 Hypothesis Tests for a Population Proportion

10.3 Hypothesis Tests for a Population Mean

11.1 Inference about Two Population Proportions

11.2 Inference about Two Means: Dependent Samples

11.3 Inference about Two Means: Independent Samples

14.1 Testing the Significance of the Least-Squares Regression

4.1 Scatter Diagram and Correlation

4.2 Least-Squares Regression

I will attach a Formula Card Packet as well as some chapter notes if needed. Also, attached will be review problems what this assignment will consist of. It is longer than the actual exam itself will be, but it is designed to have lots of problems to practice on, sample problems. On the real assignment there might be some multiple choice questions as well, most likely several versions too.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this.

Thank you so much!

Statistic Help