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taiwan films commentary

Use these three movies

Film Screening: Beautiful Duckling 養鴨人家 (dir. Li Xin, 1965)

Film Screening: Terrorizers 恐怖份子 (dir. Edward Yang, 1986)

Film Screening: What Time is It There 你那邊幾點?(dir. Tsai Ming-iang, 1999)


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Taiwan Films commentary

Taiwan Films commentary.

I’m trying to learn for my Film class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Use these three movies

Film Screening: Au revoir Taipei 一頁台北 (dir. Arvin Chen, 2010)

Film Screening: Wawa No Cidai太陽的孩子 (2015, dir. LosiaShumi)

Film Screening: The Great Buddha大佛普拉斯(dir. HuangHsin-yao, 2017)

Taiwan Films commentary