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Technical and Business Writing

Technical and Business Writing.

I’m studying for my English class and need an explanation.

1- Choose two magazines or two internet websites to compare and contrast for audience and purpose. One must be one that you enjoy — that you are part of their targeted audience — and one that you’d never pick up on your own — one for which you’re definitely not part of the audience. Analyze each magazine or website to determine what it uses to reach its target audience. Look at the pictures, advertisements, articles, language used, art work, colors, or any other facet that makes it unique for its audience. Explain how these elements target its audience. When you are part of the audience, explain how and why it appeals to you. When you are not part of the audience, explain how and why it does not appeal to you.

Write a short report in which you explain how each one reaches its target audience.

  • You may use any format for this document;
  • You must include an intro, two body paragraphs minimum, and a conclusion
  • List specific details that prove your assertion about the audience.
  • You can include quotations, numbers of articles on specific subjects, your opinions on the content and appearance, among other topics.
  • Be sure to state the name of each magazine or website and, in your opinion, its target audience.
  • The minimum length is 500; the maximum is 750.

2- The following passage is an advertisement for a translation service. Revise the passage to make it more appropriate for a multicultural audience. Submit the revision to your instructor.

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Technical and Business Writing