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the coherent curriculum

the coherent curriculum.

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CDI Assessment 4

The Coherent Curriculum

Due date: 3 June, 2020

2000 words (excluding appendices)


To produce a coherent and innovative curriculum document.

Note: I will give you feedback on the rubric only unless you ask me for oral feedback (say that you would like feedback under your title). I am happy to give oral feedback to anyone who will listen to it and use it for further thinking and work.


This final assessment of CDI is to be a culmination of the course, where you apply the skills, knowledge and values you have learned or consolidated, to develop a coherent curriculum document. You need to use literature to identify learning and teaching issues within a specific course or learning context. For example, you may decide the issue concerns: effective flipping of a curriculum; the use of Bloom’s Taxonomy throughout the course; specific problems with student learning; or other issues.

You will need to use relevant pedagogical content knowledge, and consider the use of contemporary and context-appropriate technology (TPCK) in the design of a curriculum which has alignment of course aims, objectives, assessment and evaluation to promote high-quality student learning via a coherent program.

You will identify problems or issues with a course you have taught or studied in the past or imagine a future possible course, and explain why it is to be redesigned to cater for higher order thinking and maximum student engagement with the learning.

You are required to consider the academic research literature to identify an issue to focus on, develop relevant pedagogical content knowledge, and develop learning elements utilising contemporary technology.

You are required to explain how these and other elements fit together.

It is critical that you demonstrate the alignment of your course aims, objectives, learning outcomes, learning sequence, assessment criteria and task and course evaluation to promote high-quality student learning via a coherent program.

Task Develop (or redevelop) a course, and produce a ‘Curriculum Document’ for a course, course segment or a program, with the following elements under the headings below in bold

Clear title that coveys the curriculum document content

Introduction to the curriculum, including the context and students targeted.

Information from literature on learning and teaching ‘issue’to be focussed on is utilised, highly pertinent to the document, represented concisely and ‘backgrounded’ (all sources cited).

Stated conceptual framework or specified rationale. Eg Bloom’s Taxonomy, MELT, etc

Goals and Objectives clearly stated and assessment tasks andlearning activities that are well-aligned (includes overview of assessment and learning tasks)

Comprehensive curriculum mapof all elements (see page 4: use this map or another way of arranging visually)

How the curriculum elements explicitly address relevant learning issues in the literature

Evaluation strategy is able to determine clearly the degree to which students are successful at achieving the course aims, from multiple perspectives (ie not just SELTS)

Citing and referencing following consistent convention (eg APA)

Coherent document that is highly communicative.

State the word count at the end, not including references.

In appendices and marked (but not included in the word count.)

Locates in Appendix 1 a Scholarly response to feedbackthat tells me how feedback from Assignment 2 was used to improve this Assessment 4.

Locates in Appendix 2, a self-assessment of this assignment, based on the rubric below, including reasons for each score.

You are welcome to use additional appendices to keep together resources you find, but I will not mark these.

18 references are needed, please must see the example and course materials I’ve attached. Use the flipped classroom to start writing the curriculu

the coherent curriculum