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The Walt Disney Company Research Paper – ACCOUNTING

The Walt Disney Company Research Paper – ACCOUNTING.

I’m studying for my Accounting class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Accounting Research Paper on the Walk Disney Company.

The group is required to write a paper, using your own words, by accessing the internet and completing research on the selected company.

Each team’s written paper will cover the following four topics: (other two not listed, my partner did that half)

  • Financial highlights; [Required]
  • Ethical position and practices [Required] (topic also includes social responsibility and environmental issues)

Financial highlights; look at annual reports. Use ratios that we learned and used in class during Chapter 16. Do not go back more than 5 years, preferably only three years.

Ethical position and practices, includes not only ethics issues but additional topics as well, such as social responsibility, environmental issues, corporate governance and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and implementation.

Treat your paper as if an investor is interested in the selected company. This paper should include information on the above subjects that will enlighten the investor [both good and bad] on that company so the investor can make an informed decision.

Each group will be expected to write a sixteen to twenty-page paper. [This is roughly four to five pages per topic], in your own words, of the group paper. This does not include title page, table of contents and references. The paper will use the APA style for referencing. (My partner did the first half), I am only required 9 pages.

Each paper should cite at least eight different references [from different sources > not all from the Company web site]. The paper should be written by each member of the group using your own words and should not use more than 35% of referenced material. It will be written as if one person wrote the paper.

The paper will be submitted using the dropbox in Canvas on or before the due date and must have a file extension of .doc or .docx. No PDF files are allowed.

This dropbox has been setup to automatically check for plagiarism using the plagiarism tool in Canvas. Students can submit and view originality reports before the due date.

Groups cannot pick Coca Cola or Alphabet Inc [Google] as those companies are used as samples.

Only one final submission per group! This submission should be a complete paper, not by student. I will deduct points if this is not followed.

The Walt Disney Company Research Paper – ACCOUNTING