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This is a Cultural anylsis paper

This is a Cultural anylsis paper.

I’m stuck on a Psychology question and need an explanation.

  • Students will write a three to five page paper in which they identify and describe the impact and influence of culture and diversity within a particular child welfare service. The following should be included in the discussion:
  • Students will identify and describe a current service commonly used to respond to issues of child maltreatment and discuss where the service is most commonly used (Ex: Family preservation, foster care, wrap around services)
  • Students will identify at least one different cultural group that has a different system or method for responding to this issue and describe this technique.
  • Students will identify whether or not common services are administered in a way that accurately and effectively incorporate differences in cultural beliefs and experiences. What are the issues of power that may hinder culturally diverse practices and how can services include greater flexibility in incorporating these differences?

This is a Cultural anylsis paper