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Tim Horton’s paper review my answer

Tim Horton’s paper review my answer.

I need support with this Management question so I can learn better.

check if the paper follows the instructions provided.

check the flow of the paper.

The length of the paper should be approximately 25 pages, double-spaced including references, tables and figures. Make sure that the paper has an executive summary and that it is divided into sections and subsections in a logical manner. Part of your grade will be based on each individual’s assessment of the relative contribution of each group member (Peer evaluation form is attached at the end of this syllabus and a drop box in D2L is prepared for submitting the form). The written paper should focus on the following points:

  • Introduction/Executive Summary.
  • Brief introduction of the company and product(s)
  • One or two key strategic issue(s) confronting the firm
  • The objective of your project and importance of the issue
  • External Environment and Industry Analysis.
  • General environmental components that impact the industry and the firm: economic, political, cultural, technological, or legal forces, including global/international economy.
  • Industry analyses: competitive structure, current and future competitors, customer needs and key stakeholders.
  • Key analytical tools you can choose from 1) Porter’s Five Forces Model; 2) Stakeholder Analysis; 3) SWOT Analysis (primarily the OT portion); 4) Strategic Group Mapping; 5) Industry Key Success Factors
  • Analysis of Internal Condition.
  • Internal firm resource and capability in competing with other companies.
  • Analytical tools include: 1) Value Chain Analysis; 2) Resource and Core Competency Evaluation; 3) SWOT Analysis (primarily the SW portion)
  • Strategy Development.
  • Based on the results of the analyses, key strategic recommendations should then be made.
  • Discussion on strategy development includes firm’s competitive strategy, business diversification strategy, and global competitive strategy.
  • Strategic Implementation and Control Systems.
  • Develop a strategic action plan for successful implementation of the recommended strategy, which addresses; resource and capability development, organizational structure, corporate culture, incentive system, human resources strategy, strategic leadership, corporate entrepreneurship.
  • Conclusions. End the study with key points in your study emphasizing why the results of your research is useful. You can add recommendations for future action/direction for the company.

Tim Horton’s paper review my answer