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Trends and issues in Nursing

Develop a learning Plan on why you want to be successful at this course NURSING 438 through Athabasca University (Trends and issues in Nursing).

-my goal is to pass this course so I can get my degree in Nursing.

-be successful at writing a paper without plagiarizing. Knowing how to paraphrase in order to prevent a failure in my course.

-meeting my course objectives and showing how it relates to the standards of practice according to the Canadian Association of Registered Nurses CARNA. The code of ethics according to CARNA.

2. How do I plan to achieve these goals or learning outcome?

3. What information do you need?

4. Where do I plan to get it; who do you need to talk to see that I am on track

5. What steps do I plan to take to meet that outcome? Reflect on information in the course and other materials and identify what you personally believe is your top learning need and top strengths to help me pass this course.

6. WHy is achieving this goal important to me?

7. What do I hope to learn and why is this important to me as a student and a nurse

Decide on a course of action or frame work; decide on the topic and why it is important to your learning goal


Trends and Issues in Nursing

Trends and Issues in Nursing.

I don’t know how to handle this Nursing question and need guidance.

  • focus on a current issue in nursing; and
  • examine this issue in the context of written opinions expressed through three (3) separate types of media.

Issues are often value laden; issues in health care and in nursing are no different. Concerns about the state of our health care system and the state of nursing in Canada have been discussed at length within the media, government, and nursing organizations. While it is often difficult to differentiate fact from fiction and opinion, public opinion is often influenced by what is written in the popular press or on the Internet

Trends and Issues in Nursing