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Unit 3 Discussion Essay

Unit 3 Discussion Essay.

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Choose one of the following prompts and follow its instructions to fulfill your writing requirements for Unit I. Be sure to place the WORD COUNT at the end of your essay and response.

After completing your discussion essay, write a response to one of the essays of your fellow students. Note that you are to reply directly on the threaded discussions. To Complete your Unit II Response Assignment due the following week, copy your reply, save it as a PDF and submit it in the Unit II Response Assignment. In your Response, choose the answer to the prompt you did not answer with which you most agree or disagree. In addition to your comments about why you agree or disagree with the essay discussion, describe a precedent that was set by the actions or events discussed in the essay you chose. Does it affect us today? Reference the sources used in the essay using MLA format and 300 to 400 words. Place the word count at the end of your response.


In the 1991 Star Trek VI film, The Undiscovered Country, Spock referred to what he called an old Vulcan proverb that “Only Nixon Could Go to China.” Spock was using this metaphor to explain that only a leader with a strong reputation with their supporters can take actions that would seem to aid their opponent. It is widely accepted that had another American president announced an upcoming trip to Communist China to seek common ground, he would have been widely accused by of betraying the United States and being “soft on Communism,” but Nixon’s strong anti-Communist sentiments were so well known that Americans assumed Nixon would seize the upper hand in any potential negotiations. Using 650 to 750 words, outline Nixon’s history of anti-Communism that earned him those credentials. Use your textbook and at least one other secondary source along with four (4) primary sources to support your explanation. Be sure to include at least one in-text citation in each paragraph and include, discuss, Quote, and cite all sources used. Place the word count at the end of your Discussion essay and include a Separate Works Cited.

PROMPT 2: Reminding voters that Bush had eventually signed a tax increase regardless of his promise. part of Bill Clinton’s 1988 campaign strategy was to frequently play Bush’s vow, “Read My Lips, No new Taxes.”

Within the decade, Bill Clinton made his own vow that was later to be disproved, claiming that he had not had sexual relations with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Which of these proved to be more damaging politically? Why? Use 6 primary sources from the end of the instructor commentary in addition to 2 secondary sources of your choice to support your argument of 900 -1000 words . Use MLA format, include a separate Works Cited, and reference, quote, and cite your sources within your essay.

I have attached the 7 primary sources below:

Unit 3 Discussion Essay