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us history the civil war – discussion board

us history the civil war – discussion board.

I’m working on a History question and need guidance to help me study.

Watch the video, read the link. Write your opinion in 150-200 words. Then respond to your classmates with 2-3 sentences.

-The opinions to respond-

1-“Inevitably we grasp the war through such hyperbole. In so doing, we tend to blur the fact that real people lived through it and were changed by the event.” This statement singlehandedly tells us the truth about learning war events in history. We often divorce ourselves from casualties, miseries, and the bloodshed of war, and find ourselves talking about the strategies, the commanders, the warfare. We do not talk about millions of Americans who found themselves in the middle of a war. In the book, we are told how history books avoid ideas, good or bad. Ideas played a huge role in the civil war, yet ideas of racism, and equalitarianism is neglected to keep only the monumental, dramatic events of the war.

2-The central idea behind this assignment is essentially that although the Civil War freed black Americans from slavery, it did not free them from the racial divide, it did not keep them from being cast out by whites, and it did not give them all the basic rights that Americans have. Those rights had to be fought for by black people.
In the article from The Atlantic, titled “The Case for Reparations” the focus was to show how the racial divide still very much exists today, but not so obviously seen as in the housing department. It was most obvious in the 1960’s. The whole article was extremely interesting to me because I had never learned about this before. Segregation is born out of disrespect, which is exactly how white people treated black people, especially those in the North Lawndale area of Chicago. The story of how Clyde Ross and so many others stood up for what was right way super interesting and honestly really cool to see. I am white, and I was embarrassed by how the white people treated them.

us history the civil war – discussion board