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Using R Studios to solve 3 questions

Using R Studios to solve 3 questions.

Help me study for my Statistics class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Please solve the following Empirical Exercises from the textbook: E3.2, E4.2, E5.3. These question numbers are based on the 4th Edition (US/Canada version). Those who have different versions of the textbook, it is your responsibility to cross-check that you are solving the right question.

If you use R for those empirical questions, you need to submit a pdf file generated by R markdown. The file should include your answers for each question as well as specific R codes to calculate those answers. Please check the Lab materials if you missed the lab session covered R markdown.

The questions E3.2, E4.2, E5.3 is under the information box.

Cloud you give me pdf file and the r file when you finished?

Using R Studios to solve 3 questions