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Vietnam history

Vietnam history.

Help me study for my History class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Must be 8 pages minimum please be very very descriptive of the questions . Make selections as instructed below and provide detailed, intelligent, informed, and sensible answers. Be as thorough as possible (i.e., write as much relevant information as you can)

1. PART 1 (25 points): VIETNAMIZATION & INDOCHINIZATION. Answer all questions pertaining to either a. or b. below. a. What were the core aspects of Nixon’s Vietnam strategy? What were his main goals? How did his approach to Vietnam differ from Johnson’s? or b. What was Vietnamization? What was its rationale? What were its defining features? How did it impact the South Vietnamese war effort? How was it perceived by Hanoi? Was Vietnamization successful? 2. PART 2 (25 points): NEGOTIATIONS & DE-AMERICANIZATION. Answer all questions pertaining to either a. or b. below. a. How and why did peace talks come about in 1968? How did those talks change/evolve over time? What core issues were discussed and proved most challenging to resolve? What did Washington hope to gain from the talks? What did Hanoi hope to achieve? How should we judge the outcome of those talks, the Paris agreement of 1973? or b. What was Hanoi’s stance on negotiations? What did it do to counter Nixon’s maneuvers? How did its relationship with Moscow and Beijing change over time? What was its reasoning for the 1972 Easter Offensive? What was the outcome of that offensive, and what impact did it have on the negotiations in Paris? 3. PART 3 (25 points): CIVIL WAR & REUNIFICATION. Answer all questions pertaining to either a. or b. below. a. What core provisions of the Paris agreement were implemented? Why were others violated? Why did the agreement fail to provide long-term peace in Vietnam? Who was responsible for the agreement’s collapse? or b. Why did the war resume as a civil war in 1973? What were the key moments in that civil war? Why did the United States never intervene on behalf of South Vietnam after 1973? What challenges did Hanoi and Saigon each face during that phase? What factors contributed to Hanoi’s final triumph in April 1975? 4. PART 4 (25 points): AFTERMATH & LEGACIES. Answer all questions pertaining to either a. or b. below. a. What were the main problems faced by Vietnam and the Vietnamese after the war finally ended in 1975? What caused those problems? How serious were they? What were their short- and long-term consequences? How were they solved or come to an end? or b. How did Vietnam go from international pariah to country with the second fastest developing economy in the world? What were the main reasons for its rehabilitation into the international community? How did normalizing relations with the United States change the trajectory of Vietnam’s development? What other key players assisted and/or accounted for the transformation of Vietnam? Can Vietnam still be considered a communist country?

Vietnam history