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Week 3 | Researching Rhetorically Project Reflection (Project 1)

Week 3 | Researching Rhetorically Project Reflection (Project 1).

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Look back at your four Researching Rhetorically posts. Then write a 500-word reflection on this assignment process. In addition to reflecting on your findings, your reflection should discuss the ways in which this activity informed your understanding of research. The following questions are designed to help you think about what you can discuss in this reflection:

  • What were you curious about when you looked at this organization/movement and the texts they create and the texts about them? What interests you? What did you want to investigate? In your opinion, why should people care about this issue?
  • Look at the conversation as a whole. What background information do readers need in order to follow the conversation you are writing about? Based on your sources, what are the various viewpoints in this conversation? On what points do your sources generally agree or disagree?
  • What do you now understand about the larger conversation surrounding this topic as a result of listening to various voices and perspectives? What does it show you about the ways that conversations about important topics take place and who is involved in those conversations?
  • Reflect on your experience conducting research in this way. What did you learn about the way research takes place in a 21st century/ digital context? How does this expand upon, change, and/or complicate your previous notions of research? What questions do you have about future research you may have to do, in college or after?
  • Based on this activity, what do you think it means to be an active and informed listener when it comes to understanding a topic and forming your opinion on that topic?
  • How might rhetorical analysis (looking at the way a text is constructed) help you choose reliable sources in future.

After you’ve posted your reflection, read and comment on two classmates’ posts. You should read over their reflections and see how their experiences compared to your own. Where do you agree with the author? How was your experience similar or different? What was interesting to you about their post? Your comment should be at least 150 words long.

You’ll be graded based on this criteria:

  • Offers a detailed reflection on the conversation the writer chose to follow (10 points)
  • Includes specific references to the four posts (8 points)
  • Discusses the ways in which this activity informed the writer’s understanding of research in the 21st century (8 points)
  • The writing is organized and polished showing evidence of audience consideration, and an effective proofreading and editing process. (10 points)
  • Responds thoroughly and specifically to two peer’s posts, pointing out specific ways in which the peer’s project reflections are similar to or build on what the student posted for their own project reflection (6 points)

Week 3 | Researching Rhetorically Project Reflection (Project 1)